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About Our Services

Speak Life provides specialized therapy services for children and teens in the areas of speech, literacy, and orofacial myology. We also offer a summer camp for kids with severe speech sound disorders including CAS called Camp Communicate! 

Speak Life provides services under the Jon Peterson Scholarship and the Autism Scholarship through the Ohio Department of Education for students who are homeschooled or attend private school.



We combine evidence-based therapy methods with fun games, crafts, and activities! We know that children learn best when they are fully engaged, so we follow their lead and make learning fun. Parents are encouraged to participate in sessions to see what your child is working on and observe the strategies and techniques we are using in therapy.


At the end of our therapy sessions, we take time to talk with you about your child’s progress and share ideas about how to work on therapy goals between sessions. We view parents as an essential part of the therapy team and look forward to collaborating with you!

We will begin with a thorough evaluation using standardized tests, informal assessments, observations, and case history reports. Following the evaluation, we will discuss our findings and provide you with a written report, including professional recommendations. If we agree that speech therapy will be beneficial, we will schedule our first therapy session. 


When necessary, we will make referrals to other allied health professionals such as dentists, orthodontists, ENTs, and physicians to ensure that each child receives the best possible treatment. 


Benefits of Working with Speak Life

Experienced pediatric speech therapist

Goals tailored to each family

Child-led therapy activities

Interprofessional collaboration

Flexible in-person and online sessions

Summer enrichment programs

Parent involvement and education is a standard

Committed to evidence-based practice

Speech Sound Disorders

Articulation Disorders • Phonological Disorders • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Child with childhood apraxia of speech in therapy

We help children master their speech sounds and coordinate their speech muscles! We combine child-led activities with individualized speech sound approaches, including DTTC, ReST, Cycles, Minimal Pairs, and Maximal Oppositions. Speech therapy can help your child: 


  • Use correct tongue, lips, and jaw placement

  • Produce age-appropriate sounds

  • Differentiate among speech sounds

  • Coordinate speech movements

  • Speak clearly and intelligibly


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Oral Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) • Tethered Oral Tissue 

Child in myofunctional therapy

We use clinically-proven interventions to help children eat, speak, breathe, and even sleep better! Our myofunctional therapy sessions address the face and mouth muscles in collaboration with other allied health professionals to help children:


  • Use proper nose breathing

  • Bite, chew, and swallow efficiently

  • Produce accurate speech sounds

  • Decrease snoring at night

  • Reduce oral habits and drooling



Reading  • Writing • Dyslexia

Child with dyslexia reading and writing

We are committed to helping children learn to read, spell, and write using multi-sensory, structured literacy approaches. Our literacy therapy sessions apply research-based and academically-supported literacy programs, such as IMSE Orton-Gillingham as a program, Lively Letters, Smarter Intervention, and Reading Simplified to improve your child’s: 


  • Awareness of letters and sounds

  • Reading fluency

  • Reading comprehension

  • Spelling and writing skills

  • Vocabulary

  • Decoding and encoding


Camp Communicate

We offer a week-long, inclusive summer camp for kids with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and other impactful speech sound disorders! Campers join us in Ohio from all over the United States to attend this fun, memorable, and enriching experience.


Registration for Summer 2023 will be open in early 2023!  We have some new and exciting things to offer this year.  Stay tuned to hear what we have to offer! Fill out the form below and we will send you more information.   

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